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THE IDEA behind creating a soundtrack for the film was to add “flavor” from emerging bands from the San Francisco Bay Area. Sports documentaries traditionally use independent alternative music, and one of the objectives was to identify truly unique bands that will be stars of tomorrow. The producer mixed power rock and alternative tracks that fit well into game footage. Rugby is a passion driven sport, and so is the soundtrack.


LOVE LIKE FIRE (San Francisco)

lovelikefire webshop-Album coming 08/24 !"LoveLikeFire are a refreshing blend of late-90s, keyboard-driven indie-pop and über-hip Williamsburg rock."(Guardian UK)

Originally from Sin City, the band based in the SF Bay area is a raising giant. They recently toured England and will release their debut album on 08/24. The soaring drums form the track "unlighted shadow" and "SOS", from their second EP, give uplifting support for the Rugby World Cup segment and will haut your commute !.

"It's strong music; it punches you right in the face instead of dancing around you wearing wings or whatever(Bonton)

You can support the band's upcoming album release by making a donation on their website, book them in your town, or by buying some tracks!

POOR BAILEY (Berkeley)

buy poor bailey's webshop

"...They manage to sound like so many great bands, yet sound like no one at the same time. They can go creaky acoustic…or they can sound like an early '80s English band…or they can sound like a semi-experimental up-to-date rock band that can take a song

Scott Allbright, Poor Bailey's founder, started a solo career and has been touring the United State most of this year




Over the course of the past half-decade, they have gone from from playing in their backyards in front of their parents to playing sold-out shows across California. These boys have determination on their minds and in their hearts.

In the Summer of 2007, Undergone independently released their second full-length LP "Spring Break '99.” Chock-full of catchy songs, the album found great success tearing up the Clear Channel Charts, reaching Top 20 in four different categories. They were also on the MySpace charts for several weeks. The album includes the singles "Overdrive," "11:11 (Perfect Time of Night)," "More Than Meets the Eye," and has spawned several fan favorites.

Undergone was recently filmed by MTV for an upcoming reality show, and they are currently hard at work on their follow up to “Spring Break ’99” which will include their new single “The Day That I Met You,” which the band also recently filmed a music video for.

They just released a hot new single "We are" that already feels like a rugby anthem !


Formed in the mid 90's by Mel Chappell, the band has toured most of the US, mainly up & down the West Coast and was featured on the 2001 Vans Warped Tour. Hotbox won "BEST PUNK BAND" in San Francisco's Bay Guardian Publication in 1999. Hotbox has 3 albums under their belt and many releases on compilations such as spots on: "Short Music For Short People" released by Fat Wreck Chords, "Fistful Of Rock" put together by Sal Canzonieri of Electric Frankenstein, LIVE 105's "Local Lounge" and many, many more..

"Heart on sleeve"(2007) was her first solo album, she'll release a new self produced album this year, stay tuned !




THE CATHOLIC COMB (Oakland/Concord)

The true origins of The Catholic Comb are shrouded in mystery. Truly, birthed of a distinguished misunderstanding of its own surroundings. Driven by the urgency of death. Inspired by the inevitability of beauty. How four strange daydreamers came together, wrote, sang, played, drank, and lived these songs is a sentimental story. Surely, some time ago, in the queerest hour of night, each staring out a separate window, a secret pact was signed as dreams and memories are signed. Even if, unbeknownst to themselves.

We used "Sixteen to twenty one".


“As dreamlike and hooky as ever and bursting with what seems like a lifetime’s worth of conflicting emotion, Charmparticles’ lucid and chord-heavy presence continues to surprise. Riding on last year’s triumphantly simplistic and densely layered Alive in the Hot Spell, the group continues to build on a formula that should have died with Billy Corgan’s credibility. Instead, the riffs keep building—along with Charmparticles’ foothold as a Portland mainstay—from one soaring crescendo to the next.”-AP KRYZA, Willamette Week (March 5th, 2008)

"Gold plated shot" is used for the opening sequence.


CORPORATE WHORE (San Francisco/Harward)

"From the halls of Harvard, Corporate Whore cast aside the usual career ambitions to focus on its debut album and plan a U.S. tour.  Renamed Paperboy Jack in 2005, the band played 120 shows across 80 U.S. cities.  The band continues to write and release music internationally under both names, and has expanded its fan base from the U.S. to over 15 countries includingGermanyItaly, and Spain."





Thanks to Matt Donner and Michael Roache from Pyramind for their technical and logistic help on the project. They were right on with their suggestion on the voice talent ( John Cavalluzzo ). Great place to do your audio post !

Kudos to our sound designer and engineer, Connor Moore, for his dedication, professionalism and kindness. He's also did a track for the sevens sequence. On top of that, he's occasionally a great barista at "Coffee Bar" in the Mission Neighbourhood in SF.

If you're living in the SF Bay Ara, or just visiting, Pyramind is hosting some great events for the music and sound passionate.



LOVELIKEFIRE : "SOS" & "Unlighted shadow" from "An ocean in the air"

POOR BAILEY : "Pyrite and gold", "A common cold", "Terrible 20's", "down by the Delta" form "Pyrite and Gold"

MEL CHAPPELL/HOTBOX : "supersap", "Girls like me", "little girl"

UNDERGONE : "11:11", "Someone to believe", "Everything", "Bary", "overdrive", "Break the chain" "Story of you", "Stereo", "Overdrive", "Summer skies in Black and white", "more than meet the eyes" 

THE COMB : "Sixteen to twenty one"

CHARMPARTICLES : "Gold plated shot"

CORPORATE WHORE : "Anthem", "Needed"


SYLVAIN DOREAU : "Seven steps"

Legal Note: Piracy is like high tackles and foul play. This is illegal, nasty, and definitely a red card offense. Indy bands & filmmakers give much of their lives and try to make a living out of their passion and share it with the public. They literally eat from royalties. After working 2+ years on a project, the last thing an artist wants to see if their content "shared" for free by some spineless dumb asses. Needless to say, the filmmaker and the musicians will prosecute offenders to the full extent of the law.